EA Sports planning to charge Subscription Fee for universal gamer profile

EA Sports planning to charge Subscription Fee for universal gamer profile

It was only a few weeks ago that EA Sports president Peter Moore talked of a persistent social profile that would transfer from game to game. This month EA Sports stated that it was working on a cross-title, cross-year persistent ID system that would chronicle your progress as a player of the label’s games. Now new information purports to unveil details about this program and reveal that it’s a paid subscription program.

The first thought when the idea of a “subscription” is breached may be to assume it relates to online play. In this case it does not appear to have anything to do with online access as the company already has the “Online Pass” implemented. Instead this service would be framed as an optional value add-on of highly desired features and perks that could be had for a yearly fee.

Pastapadre claims that it’s got the scoop on EA Sport’s new service. Concrete information on how much the service will cost and to what extent data will be able to transferred from old EA Sports games like Madden, NHL, FIFA, etc. to newer copies is still unavailable, but at least we know it’s not just a concept of Peter Moore anymore.

The ability to carry over downloadable content from one year to the next would be well received. That in particular would come in handy with a series such as Tiger Woods considering the cost of all the courses being offered as DLC. Its already difficult to expect consumers to shell out $110 for the complete Tiger Woods 12, but especially so when knowing those same courses would have to be re-bought come Tiger 13.

The reaction to this “subscription service” would likely be positive given the features being delivered are of real value while not restricting what consumers already have come to expect out of these games. Essentially this would appear, on the surface at least, to be a win-win though much of course depends on what the charge for such a service will ultimately be.

On top of all that stuff, the document claims that the subscription will offer “full downloadable versions of participating titles before they come out in stores,” which we could see people gladly paying for. In addition, players would have the ability “to transfer paid content from your current participating titles to future title versions.”

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