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Eco-WD: New concept for store, playback and transmission of data

Eco-WD - A new concept for  store, playback and transmission of data

Western Digital Corp. introduced the eco-WD – a new concept store, playback and transmission. Presentation of the ecosystem WD held alongside the exhibition Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo-2011.

Western Digital, the world’s largest manufacturer of external hard drives, has demonstrated a new concept store, playback and data transfer – an ecosystem WD. It is based on an integrated approach to digital content: using complementary products WD, users are able to centralized storage, remote access, as well as photo and video playback on any TV in the house. Currently WD ecosystem includes new items such as network media center WD TV Live Hub, a network drive WD My Book Live, as well as a set of power network adapters WD Livewire.

Modern “smart home” – is not only home automation devices and services, but also a system that provides highly reliable data storage, playback photos and video, and data exchange with other users. “We provide users with simple solutions that do not require complicated setup. Each device is ready to work “, – said the head of the PR-department in the EMEA region Mauerhofer Daniel (Daniel Mauerhofer).

WD is offering users to organize a centralized data repository to a network drive WD My Book Live, which provides access to the stored content from any device on the LAN, and remote access via the Internet. To play the video and photo materials in the same local area network is recommended to connect the Media Center WD TV Live Hub. High data rate required for transmission over the network video in HD quality, provide a set of power network adapters WD Livewire.

«WD My Book Live provides access to your data from anywhere with Internet – at the cottage, in the office, on vacation – said Andrey Tishchenko, sales director of WD branded products in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, a special supplement WD Photos lets you view photos and video on iPhone, iPad and smartphones running Android ». Network Storage WD My Book Live provides the highest among the networked drive consumer class speed to save files, and access to, and allows simple and convenient to centralize storage of all media content in the home. Through the use of fast controllers of WD has been achieved data rates up to 100 MB / sec – more than three times faster than conventional hard drives with USB 2.0 interface and at least two times faster than other network storage in its class.

On the first day the network media player, WD TV Live Hub was declared the winner of the annual award “Product of the Year.” “The family of WD TV is one of the most popular product lines in its category, since their launch in 2008 has been sold 2.5 million units, – said Andrey Tishchenko. – The reasons for the popularity line is simple: stability, high image quality and the ability to play almost all video formats. The built-in hard drive capacity 1 TB in a new media center allows you to download files from the network directly to the device without a PC. ” WD TV Live Hub is based on high-performance hardware platform, because it fully supports all current formats of HD-video, including Blu Ray 3D, as well as universally accessible HD-content in the format MKV. Broad set of interface connectors allow use media center with television and home cinema from different generations, equipped with a HDMI, and component inputs.

Set power grid adapters WD Livewire – a device that corresponds to the standard HomePlug ® AV, allows the use of the existing wall outlet for a secure and reliable high-speed Internet connection in different parts of the house. «WD Livewire complements the family of media players WD TV, letting with minimal effort and resources to organize home LAN without the need to run network cables, – said Andrey Tishchenko. On each of the two adapters that come with WD Livewire, has four ports, so they can be connected to a high-speed network up to eight client devices including PCs, routers, network drives, media centers, etc. WD LiveWire can without serious cost and effort to create infrastructure, the digital home. ”

Source: Hi-News

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