ECOmove QBEAK Stylish EV from Denmark unveiled

ECOmove QBEAK Stylish EV from Denmark unveiled

As indicated by its name, it is a completely environmentally friendly vehicle that was equipped with an electric motor. However, beyond the undoubtedly interesting fact is that the Ecomove QBEAK is an attractive model.

A bright orange paint of the Danish electric car is coming in both coupe-cabriolet version as well as a real eye-catcher. In terms of size, it is barely the size of a Smart Fortwo, But still on demand up to six people in the carriage. Perhaps you have inspired a look at the limited edition of the Smart Fortwo, that is to appear in spring 2011 on the market.

At first glance, the Ecomove QBEAK is a bit of an Kart Motors are here to save space; location of the wheels and the remaining components are based on the specification of an optimal space utilization.

According to the manufacturer to enable the Ecomove QBEAK in this way a range of up to 300 kilometers. Other technical details were not known, however, and so does not have the exact date exists for a formal presentation or even a market launch.

Here is a Short presentation of the QBEAK car by ECOmove,

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