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Eureka, a European research platform developed ‘Network of Objects’

Eureka, a European research platform developed 'Network of Objects'

Eureka, a European research platform, has developed sensors that everyday objects can be coupled to the Internet. This move towards “smart products” a lot smaller.

The device, the size of a matchbox, can connect to wireless networks. It can be extended with various sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, motion, radiation, gases and light. This creates in Eureka countless possibilities.

For example, different consumer monitor their own use. A familiar example is a refrigerator that date indicating when the milk and the consumer is informed states. Also, the refrigerator over wireless networks online shopping for the user can do when needed.

Internet of Things

Making ‘smart’ products and integrate with a network called ” The Internet of Things “mentioned. IBM has indicated a similar future for consumer needs. According to Eureka, the devices inexpensive and can fit almost any object on the Internet. Before the sensors on the market are, like Eureka more research.

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