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Evoluce releases ‘Win&I’: Kinect based gesture interface for Windows 7

Evoluce releases Win & I Kinect based  gesture interface for Windows 7 as an alternative to Mouse

Since the international launch of Kinect , the motion control system of Microsoft , have appeared lots of hacks that use technology to shape projects and results curious.

On this occasion we are using its technology in a very different market and a remote application radically the world of videogames. This is the new way of moving the controls mouse to computers.

Your manager is EvoLucid, who has worked on a new software system supported recognition sensor, which controls the operating system Windows 7 with gestural movements. Require the user to install WIN & I on a computer using this platform to connect the device Kinect to the machine, and start to make gestures to manage your mouse without mouse .

Of course, the keyboard will sienfo fundamental, since we have no other way to enter text, but the mouse controls are all gestures. The launch of WIN & I is carried out in two versions: Home Edition, limited and designed for standard users and the Business Edition for Microsoft Office.

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