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Fastec TS3Cine: The fastest DSLR on the market

Fastec TS3Cine The fastest DSLR on the market

Here you see, this brick you have in the image, the DSLR camera with fastest video recording time (at least to my knowledge). It is Fastec TS3Cine SLR.

I guess the beginning will be difficult for the management of such junk, especially if we consider that at the rear includes a LCD screen of no less than 7 inches . Although knowing your strengths, sure this TS3Cine , will spend the most time on a tripod securely. And this “little guy” is one of the few cameras on the market, capable of recording video in slow motion and speeds really amazing in HD. Thus, resolutions of 720p , the team is able to reach the 720fps and can even record in near-Full HD (1280 x 1024) down to the 500fps yes. To see which team gets close to such heights.

Equipped with mounts type C / F (and SL option) , has 128GB SSD integrated memory, which can be expanded up to 256GB. Supplemented with outlets Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and of course, USB . That yes, understand that price is fully aimed at a professional audience, as the team goes on sale for about $30,000 for nothing.

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