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Fring Group Video Calling App for Mobiles released

Fring Group Video Calling App for Mobiles introduced

Video calling on Smartphones have almost been usual but what about a group video calling, still in the beta mode and more applications will be coming with Group video calling capability soon. here is Fring one of the free Video calling app for Smartphone and has introduced a new way for Video calling.

Fring first introduced the Video calling back in 2009 and now the technology has gone more advanced so is Fring. The group video chat feature is also cross platform, meaning that Android, iOS callers, and even select Nokia handsets can enjoy each others lovely mugs on the same call.

Avi Shechter, co-founder and CEO of Fring said that “There is no reason why users need to run home to their PC in order to have a ‘spontaneous’ video call with their friends and family,” and we are the first to give users the ability to see all their friends on their phone at the same time, anywhere.”

If you are on group video call that include 4 people then the Screen will be divided into 4 separate windows and makes fun watching all of them together and you will never feel that they are far away from you, the App is now available from Android and iPhone Stores. Now check out the Video to see the Fring Group Video call in action.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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