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Fujifilm Fine Pix Z900EXR Multi-touch Camera Specs Revealed

Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR Multi-touch Camera Specs Revealed

Fujifilm has introduced compact camera that relieves the Z800EXR, the new FinePix Z900EXR, with the new EXR CMOS sensor, 5 increased wide-angle lens, LCD touch screen and video recording with full HD quality.

Taking over from the Z800EXR, the new FinePix Z900EXR comes topped with a striking design with a high gloss finish and a wide selection of Fujifilm’s latest technologies, which allow to get great images in all conditions. Its spec sheet out for the inclusion of the new EXR CMOS sensor, a 5x wide-angle zoom lens, an LCD touch screen with enhanced user interface, a selection of high-speed modes and video capture feature high quality, all this in an ultra compact body.

This evolution of CMOS classic new camera provides the highest sensitivity, better operating speed and faster management of the scenes. Also some chromatic aberration or the resolution of the corners of the photographs are on the operating table technology EXR of the new FinePix Z900EXR.

As already doing a very successful manufacturers such as Samsung, the menus of the cameras need a facelift to make them more intuitive and similarities to the environments in which the consumer is already accustomed to moving. Thus, in this FinePix Z900EXR you can enjoy a new graphical interface on your screen 3.5-inch 460,000-dot, which is touch and allows gestures to enlarge pictures or slide menus.

Using 16-megapixel sensor, the video mode reaches the quality of 1080 , a significant jump from the previous model. That video can also record to 320 frames per second to obtain images in slow motion.

In photo mode highlight the flurry of 12 pictures per second , the zoom starts five increases by 28 mm, image stabilization, panorama mode or the 27 scenes with which we have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

The FinePix Z900EXR also has a video recording mode at high speed that can take up to 320 images per second and the battery gives a range of up to 220 shots. Its suggested retail price is approximately 249 EURO.

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