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“Fujitsu F-07c” Dual Boot Windows 7 and Symbian OS Phone releasing this year?

Fujitsu F-07c Dual Boot Windows 7 and Symbian OS Phone releasing this year

When choosing your smartphone or tablet is usually the key role the operating system. Manufacturers offer some time unit on which you can run multiple systems. Will the Fujitsu smartphone with Windows 7 and Symbian will be a success?

Fujitsu is said to be working closely with NTT DoCoMo on a custom tablet F-07C that will dual-boot Windows 7 and Symbian operating system. The information looks fake and quite impossible at first instance. With the 4-inch phone (1024 x 600 pixels) F-07C Fujitsu is working in cooperation with DoCoMo. The unit will be built Intel Atom processor and SSD hard drive with a capacity of 32 GB.

Take a look at its specifications:

– Windows 7/Symbian dual OS, one-touch switch
– 125mm (H) 61mm (W) 19.8mm (D)
– 4-inch WSVGA (1024 600) touchscreen
– Intel Atom, 32GB SSD
– USB & HDMI terminal for sale with an optional cradle

The manufacturer is not yet officially announced the emergence of devices on the market, but said that it will premiere later this year.

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