Gemballa Mistrale and Gemballa Tornado unveiled

Gemballa Mistrale and Gemballa Tornado unveiled

The German Tuner Gemballa has revealed its 2 new models at Marques Monaco Show, the models are the Porsche Cayenne-based Tornado and Porsche Panamera-based ‘Mistrale’. Gemballa says that both models are works of automotive art’.

Both models are coming with extensively reworked bodies and Gemballa claims that shave nearly 150 pounds off each car. Thanks to the Carbon Fabor Body which helps to shave the weight. the Body Panel of the car was made in-house by Gemballa.

Gemballa also unleashed its expertise underhood. The Tornado (above) gets 580bhp while the Panamera-based Mistrale gets 610bhp and 626lb ft of torque. If you’re ‘really hungry’,Gemballa can offer 700bhp and 737lb ft for both models, thanks to ruddy big turbos, a sports exhaust, high efficiency intercoolers and bespoke ECU mapping. That’s quite an appetite.

When you select any of the cars, you get a set of 410-mm, six-piston discs up front with 380-mm, four-piston units out back. The new brakes exert stopping power on a set of forged 22-inch Gemballa wheels. the forged rims are lighter and stronger than the stock Porsche units.

For Interior the Gemball signature Alcantara and quilted leather treatment with perfectly colour-co-ordinated upholstery fashioned.

Unfortunately, On the occasion of the 30-year Anniversary of GEMBALLA, only 30 each of the GEMBALLA TORNADO and GEMBALLA MISTRALE models will be made for selected customers. check out the Iamges after the break.

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