Get T-Mobile G-Slate with $100 discount for early telephone orders

Get T-Mobile G-Slate with $100 discount for early telephone orders

T-Mobile may be charging $529.99 for the G-Slate when you sign up for a 2-year service plan, but apparently you can get the tablet for $100 less if you meet the requirements. Turns out it’s $100 off the 2 year contract price of the G-Slate provided you order before April 27th. That’s right, you must order before April 27th and you must do it over the phone following the steps in the picture.

Instructions to do so are below (And don’t be surprised if this one gets taken down as it isn’t really an advertised deal.)

  1. Call T-Mobile at 1-866-466-8662
  2. Select option 3
  3. Reference the following promo code: GSLATE100

Here’s the catch: You need to have an existing T-Mobile voice plan or sign up for a new one. You’ll also need to sign a contract for a 2-year data plan for the tablet. The promo offer is good through April 27th — assuming T-Mobile doesn’t decide to end the deal early now that it’s leaked to the public.

If you want a month-to-month contract or don’t need the mobile broadband at all, the T-Mobile G-Slate will set you back $729.99.

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