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Google Chrome OS CR-48 Notebook to be released in Summer 2011 as Subscription

Google Chrome OS CR-48 Notebook to be released in the Summer 2011 as Subscription

It seems that the Google CR-48 Chrome notebook is confirmed to be released by the end of this year, the info was revealed by Google product manager Sundar Pichair. According to Pichair Google is cutrrently fixing bugs in the OS and the Product is expected in summer of 2011.

According to other report, a reliable source indicates that the Chrome Cr-48 notebook may hit the Market in June or July in fact that certainly fits the what Pichair siad.

The Chrome Notebook is expected to be sold by subscription along with Gmail to Subscribers and can’t be bought as you may think with some hundreds of bucks. The notebook would be made available at $10 to $20 per month per user according to reports

Anyway let’s wait for the release and there may be some sort of price variation or change of plan.

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