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Google releases new Google Maps 5.3 for Android Devices

Google releases Google Maps 5.3 for Android Devices

Google has released an upgrade version of Google Maps App for Android, the update version is 5.3 introducing more advanced features like Google Location History dashboard, the ability to check in at “home” and the function to add your own aspects for places when rating them.

The location History dashboard keeps the info related to the are where you have been for a last few weeks, if you forgot the some spots the location History Board lets you see it again and the history will not be shared with anyone. If you want to delete the history it’s also possible from Location History Board either partially or fully.

Users can now mark a location as their “home”, which Google Latitude will record how long you spend at home, and if you choose to, it can also alert your friends that you’re back at home. finally the new rating system allows you to make your own rating to particular spots that you wish and share it with world. The Google Maps update is available via the Android Market for devices running 1.6 or higher.

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