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Hasbro My3D goggles offering 3D to iPhone, iPod touch

Hasbro My3D goggles brings 3D to iPhone, iPod touch

The 3D technology is coming. Advertising invades us with new products that use and offer a “new experience.” Computers, televisions, mobile screens and make us feel as if we formed part of a three dimensional world. But what about devices that do not incorporate 3D? Could we adapt the previous technology to allow you enjoy the view in three dimensions? Yes, thanks to Hasbro My3D.

Hasbro My3D born precisely in order to provide users of iPhone and iPad, a way to enjoy 3D without having to give up the devices they already have. The truth is that the gadget does not cease to remind one of those viewers that at one time passed through our hands and allowed to watch a slide show in 3D. But only in the design reminds us of this device, because the technology offers promise.

In fact, Hasbro My3D is precisely designed for Apple devices, meaning that the display fits perfectly with the gadgets of Steve Jobs and offers the ability to view 3D images and videos for the low price of $30.

Clear that a device such as Hasbro My3D if you do not have a database access content that would not have much use. That is why the company works with Dreamworks, Discovery Network, Sony and IMAX to offer both applications and 3D images and video.

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