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IBM Power7 server based on Watson introduced

IBM Power7 server introduced - server based on Watson

IBM introduced the new Power7 servers, developed with virtualization and consolidation, and the size reduction and energy efficiency. Designed for data centers and cloud computing, new products are accompanied by broader initiative: in fact, IBM has partnered with Akamai to provide its customers with solutions to increase the performance of web applications, while reducing downtime and costs.

The new blade servers using processors from the Power series of last generation. BladeCenter PS703 and PS 704 are servers featuring 16 and 32 cores respectively, more powerful than the previous seven games but equal in size and power consumption. The Power 750 Express – the same as power to the supercomputer Watson – is now more powerful, and is a dedicated machine for the business analytics. The 755, finally, was also equipped with a faster processor.

For the management administrators can count on the new appliance Systems Director Management Console (SDMC), as well as on new dedicated switch.

But IBM also expanded its range of software and services. In particular, the company has already begun to deploy WebSphere Application Accelerator for Public Networks, a solution designed to improve the performance of web applications.

Particularly relevant to the new alliance with Akamai , a company specializing in content distribution and optimize the data traffic. With the new IBM DataPower appliance Edge Appliance XE82 Indeed, IBM customers can leverage the Akamai technology directly into their networks.

The applications on which we depend, such as consumers and companies, resource-intensive data centers,” says Marie Wieck, IBM. “The new solutions we have created with Akamai offer customers secure and rewarding responses to accelerate applications by the user and vice versa, via the Internet . ”

For business with the System x IBM Global Financing is also attractive with a new funding program: In a lease model offers the IBM System x servers to zero percent interest. Condition for the interest-free transfer offer is a hardware component of 75 percent of system-x-components, and the contract period of 36 months. Minimum contract volume is 4,000 €, the maximum amount is 300,000 euros.

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