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IE 9 is out of date, Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11

IE 9 is out of date, Microsoft to release Internet Explorer 10 soon

Microsoft just announced Internet Explorer 10 at its MIX developer conference in Las Vegas, and if you’re running Windows you can grab a spoon right now and sample an early taste.  Microsoft claims the browser “will push the boundaries of what developers can do on the web even further.”

The web browser will be embracing the HTML5 standard even more this time around; a move that they hope other developers will follow. What’s surprising this time around is that they’ve already put up the IE10 Platform Preview 1 up for people to download. If you’re a fan of unfinished/test software – you can head over to the Internet Explorer Test Drive website.

You can also check out performance demos over there if you don’t want to download the IE10 Platform Preview 1. check out the video below that introduces IE 10.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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