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Karotz aka new Nabaztag Wireless Robotic Rabbit releasing soon

Karotz new Nabaztag Wireless Robotic Rabbit releasing soon

The Nabatztag – wireless robotic rabbit – was a hit four years ago and now almost forgotten. But as it goes with rabbits, they reproduce. “Everything from the first product has now changed,” says Jean Pierre Nordman, president of Mindscape. “The base is the same but Karotz can be much more and is much easier to install, that went to the Nabaztag sometimes wrong.

The main feature of Karotz is that it now includes an ‘app store’ features. Karotz can install new applications from the website. These apps are continuously updated and improved, Nordman said, and that is the Karotz never finished.

One of the innovations of Karotzis that the rabbit has a built-in camera. This would in your own house to keep track of using a computer or smartphone. Nabaztag could already communicate through messages but now you can also make free calls to other Karotz Karotz.

Furthermore, a Karotz own community, new applications for the media player and a lot of accessories like nanoztags and flatnanoz. Flatnanoz keychains are such that you can give to your child. Keep your child the key to Karotz when he comes home, you get as a parent of a message to your phone.

Karotz is available online for 199 euros and mid-May sale in the shop.

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