LG GW990 MeeGo Smartphone finally arriving

LG GW990 MeeGo Smartphone finally arriving

The South Korean electronics giant LG and smartphone manufacturers will continue to develop a mobile version for the open MeeGo operating system. This news agency reported the Reuters citing Valtteri Halla, one of the leading figures behind the MeeGo development.

Far from it might seem, LG will add to Nokia to enhance MeeGo to include it as an operating system on their handsets, the LG GW990. A story that may seem somewhat far-fetched, but just need to remember certain events that occurred just over a year to relate immediately.

It seems that Nokia will have a new ally to position MeeGo as a real alternative to a smartphone. The Finns and promised a terminal specifically designed for this powerful operating system, Nokia N950 , but this just arrived. This situation and the recent agreement by Nokia with Microsoft has led many to believe that the platform based on Linux will never take off no end. But the endless course of this project may be influenced by the arrival of a new partner.

The relationship between Nokia, LG and Meegan has a name: Intel. The renowned manufacturer of semiconductors provided the LG GW990 platform Moorestown , which would become the first sign of interest by entering their Intel chips in the smartphone market. But the union Intel-LG also had other consequences. What? For as was shown at CES 2010, the same terminal LG GW990 had installed Moblin 2.1. For the more confused we must remember that this operating system based on Linux was owned by Intel until they decide to merge it with Maemo , turn the Nokia alternative operating system that we saw in the Nokia N900. Fruit of that union came what we now know as Meego.

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