Luxgen unveils Neora EV Concept at Shanghai Auto Show

Luxgen unveils Neora EV Concept at Shanghai Auto Show

Luxgen has unveiled its new Neora EV sedan with an  eye-catching design, the Car sports a 48 kW induction motor. According to Luxgen the Neaora EV will dash into 60 miles per hour in an 6.5 seconds. To make matters more intriguing, Luxgen says the Neora should be able to go around 250 miles on a single charge. and keep running the company claims The integrated high-power rechargeable battery can support 80% of the battery charging within only one hour, and the 48 kWh lithium-ion batteries give neora a range of up to 400km when it is fully charged.

“neora perfectly represents LUXGEN’s brand spirit of Think Ahead, and the new form of appearance will be the design cues for LUXGEN’s upcoming models in the future. Its streamline flow, and the innovation of lightweight, as well as fuel economy, represent the novelty of LUXGEN’s energy saving future technologies. ” said Mr. James Shyr, Executive Vice President of HAITEC from Yulon Group.

Inside the Neora , there’s a full-length glass roof to let in natural light and an LED-screen rear-seat entertainment system. Up front, Luxgen has installed a head-up display to keep the driver’s eyes on the road while he keeps tabs on the infotainment system.

The Company hasn’t revealed anything about the production or the release info but the car’s overall shape looks like it could be a production sedan with just a few tweaks.

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