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MBOLIC Modular car: “Colin Pan” designed it for Youths in populated Chinese Urban areas

MBOLIC Modular car Colin Pan designed it for Youths in populated Chinese Urban areas

MBOLIC was designed for young people living in China, where more than 60% of the population live in small towns and rural areas. Many have bicycles, but as soon as they get older and acquire families and children, they are considering a compact family car. MBOLIC – Car modular design that can change its structure depending on your needs. It uses the most modern and advanced technologies to extend the life cycle of the transport unit and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

It is becoming more widespread use and love for the small and compact vehicles such as bicycles MBOLIC but also manages to integrate the need for any additions to transport more people. By integrating advanced technology also the model of Pan considerably lowers the input of carbon dioxide during transport.

The MBOLIC has two wheels and a gyroscope-balanced, rotating a physical device, due to the law of conservation of angular momentum, tends to maintain its axis of rotation oriented in a fixed direction, and a body shaped like a shell for a greater flexibility and ease of control.

The main module is a car for one person with a spin-balance that makes it perfect to be operated under conditions of heavy traffic. The other module MBOLIC instead turns into a vehicle for the transportation of 3 persons.

A project by the designer in the first place to meet the needs of modern China, where there is still birth control and families can not have more than one child each.

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