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Motorola Bravo Froyo Update to release soon; seeking for beta testers

Motorola Bravo Froyo Update - seeking for beta testers

Motorola is a beta testing program for one of its phones, the Motorola Bravo. This, the company wants the stability of the Froyo update for the device testing before actually going live.

It is that producers are not very common Android updates a first group of beta testers to release before they go live. That did not like Motorola do so in order for the Bravo, which also never been released in the Netherlands. Not such a strange decision, since it is regularly wrong with such an update. Thus, the Samsung Intercept unusable after a wrong update for the Galaxy and was Froyo S initially also taken offline because of problems.

To avoid looking for Motorola in the U.S. so 1000 owners of Bravo who want to try the update already. It is the Android 2.2 update along with AT & T spent in America. When the update really will go live is not known, but that may not last long if it appears that there are no problems with the beta version.

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