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Mozilla Firefox 5.0 ‘Aurora’ out now to perish Chrome

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Aurora out now to perish Chrome

There are no past few weeks that the distribution of the final version of Firefox 4 , and Mozilla is already thinking about to bring forward the development of the fifth version of the browser of the Red Panda. Merit Aurora, the new channel of release that goes to cover an important gap in the distribution structure of the draft versions of the software.

From now on the first version of Firefox 5 Aurora to download. The version contains fixes that only short internal audit by a Mozilla subject. In the six-week cycle, there is a new version of Aurora, to 21 June 2011 final new browser appears.

The distribution channel Aurora is the result of the revolution promised in the timing of release of new versions of Firefox, a way for the Foundation to fight on equal terms with the dizzying pace of development that Google has imposed on his project Chrome / Chromium – and that becoming increasingly road between the traditional players of the browser market.

The birth of a new channel Aurora is also the creation of specific icons for each type of release, ideally designed to facilitate the identification of the type of software used and the experience that can be expected in proportion to the instability of the underlying source code. Technically speaking, with the first download available on the Aurora Channel Firefox has already arrived at version 5.0.

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