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m.pad Tablet PC Concept; an ultimate Tablet?

m.pad Tablet PC Concept; an ultimate Tablet with Advanced Features?

Computing have been transformed from PC to Tablet,  but more flexible experience on Tablet is yet to come. here is exciting Tablet concept developed by German designer Volker Hübner who calls it the M.Pad.

The Tablet features 15.6″ OLED display with multi-touch functionality and a pressure sensitive stylus, from the Image it seems to have wide range of ports including USB, Ethernet, firewire and whatever else available for connection and also an external keyboards and surely will provide a traditional or more advanced computing experience. Tha tablet is specially designed for developers and designers.

On the left side of the device you can see some buttons and scroll wheel so it the tablet can be used very easily for example one hand manipulating the stylus other works with the left side panel necessarily. those buttons are intended for escape, space, control, shift etc… that you do with your computer. The Tablet also feature a kickstand on the rear side

day by day computing is transformed to something new with the help of new technology like OLED display and more it should bring more productivity and better experience, and we will meet more advanced and flexible devices soon. Anyway what do you think about this design? do you wish to have one ?

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