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New Sony PS3 CECH-3001A hits FCC

New Sony PS3 3 CECH-3001A hits FCC

Today we have published a new device registration data, submitted for certification in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It turned out the next version of gaming console Sony PlayStation 3, as evidenced by the appropriate identification number. The original platform the PS3 and PS3 Slim went under the code CECH 2xxx.

Under product name, the two models are listed as “Computer Entertainment System (PlayStation 3)”, and a prototype of each console has been through testing already, thus proving that they do indeed exist.

Investigation of several documents on the site reveals nothing in the way of what it’ll change about the currently existing 120GB and 250GB models, but we can at least conclude that there will at least continue to be two models offered due to the two separate model letters. Could this upcoming switch bring improved security to combat the prevalent hacking that’s continued to beckon Sony’s development team? Or maybe there are minor hardware changes to coincide with a pending price drop. The PS3 has been offered with several free titles, and even $50 gift cards at several retailers, so an eventual price drop is undeniable

We do not know any detailed technical information, most likely just going on approval of design documentation , although the test showed the presence of console Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as the hard disk. Model number CECH-3001 PS3 was launched in December last year, but if Sony has not given any comments. Until now, it is unclear what the new version will differ from previous models of PS3.

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