Nintendo reportedly to unveil Wii 2 Gaming Console in June

Nintendo is reportedly to unveil the new  and successor of Wii Console, Gameinfoemer says that Multiple sources of it have confirmed that the device will be unveiled at E3 (on June 6 the likely date of its E3 pre-conference) this Summer.

The report also indicates that the device will be supporting HD for Games at High resolution while the report fails to confirm that the device would be comparable to those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – meaning it could surpass or fall short of those systems.

“Nintendo is doing this one right,” said an anonymous source. “[It’s] not a gimmick like the Wii.”  since the rumor on Nintendo Wii price slash on coming May 15  to $150, there is something to happen soon. all this rumor comes together could bring something special. a price slash ahead of a new Device’s announcement is possible.

The Wii 2 is also expected to be backward compatible with the Wii for both disc-based software and download-able titles, and come with more internal storage for games and applications. According to GI, Nintendo may cater the system toward the North American market and launch the console with a new brand. However, it’s a positive sign that the system might be more than just an HD Wii.

The representative of the Nintendo wasn’t ready to comment over the Rumors emerging recently when the Folks at GI contacted. the representative reportedly said that “Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Anyway, let’s hope something big From Nintendo on E3. what features do you expect from Nintendo if they are to announce new Version of Wii?