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Nintendo Wii price may slash to $150 from May 15

Nintendo Wii price may slashes to $150 from May 15

The Nintendo Wii has been around for a fair number of years already, and to date it has experienced just one official price cut. According to a trusted source of Engadget, Nintendo will slash the price of the Wii to $150 starting May 15.

If accurate, it would be the second price drop Nintendo has issued for the four-year-old platform. The Wii dropped from its launch price of $US249 to $US199 in September of 2009. That price cut was rumored a couple weeks in advance, so Nintendo’s pre-E3 price drop plans may have again leaked early.

That the cut is apparently due a month ahead of E3 suggests Nintendo may well finally be planning on showing off the Wii 2. It’s now almost five years since the Wii was first released, so a sequel is surely on the cards.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said earlier this month that the company will make a decision about a Wii successor when game developers run out of inventive ideas for the original system. What with the (more powerful) Xbox 360 now selling for the same price and the Wii getting on in years, a price cut makes good sense. This is especially so if Nintendo is about to deliver on its promise of a Wii 2. At £90, the company would almost certainly see a good last-chance surge in sales.

Engadget’s report appears to hint that a copy of Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii may be bundled with that $US150 Wii package. If so, that might be a very attractive bundle for late adopters.

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