Nokia launches new Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets and Headphones

Nokia launches new Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets and Headphones

The Finnish mobile phone maker Monday launched nine new Bluetooth headsets for wireless calling. The new group ranges from a low-oorssets to an expensive, wireless stereo headphones.

The new entry-level models are the BH-108 and BH-109 respectively 25 and 29 euros. This simple bluetooth kits offer up to eight hours of talk time (five hours to the BH-108). For callers with slightly higher requirements launches the Nokia BH-217 (49 euro), BH-217B (54 euros, with holder in the car) and BH-218 (49 euros). These headsets have a standby feature, allowing maximum battery life increases to three months.

In addition, Nokia brings four stereo Bluetooth headphones. The BH-609 (EUR 69) filters out background noise while away the BH-214 (55 euros) comes with a clip, which the user can switch between music and incoming calls. The BH-505 (69 euros) is a waterproof, sporty performance of the BH-214.

The new top model is the BH-905i (209 euro), according to Nokia, 99 percent of ambient noise filters and equipped with a bass amp, music to sound a tad firmer. All headsets are available in white and black.

Now you can purchase Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headsets from Amazon here.

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