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Is there any Nokia Symbian Event On April 12?

Is there any Nokia Symbian Event On April 12

Symbian! It’s not dead! Really it isn’t! It looks like Nokia isn’t quite ready to assign their aging Symbian operating system to the mobile trashcan in favour of Windows Phone 7, and the word is Nokia will be hitting London on the 12th of April to hold a Symbian smartphone event.

“Discover what’s new with Symbian smartphone,” Nokia said in an invitation on its official blog. This announcement is probably to showcase an update that has been anticipated for quite some time now. The event will be held in London.

Back in December, Nokia promised that about four to five updates to Symbian operating system would be released in this year and in the first half of 2012. Gunther Kottzieper, senior manager at Nokia China, in his presentation at the International Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing stated that more than 50 enhancements would be added in four to five Symbian upgrades.

Symbian used to be the world’s dominant smartphone OS. But after losing support from Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson, Symbian lost its last major proponent, Nokia, when the manufacturer announced in February that it was switching to Windows Phone for future smartphones.

Symbian^3 platform update is likely to be known as PR2.0. It has 50 new features. Nokia has also released some videos showcasing new features of the Symbian PR2.0 upgrade, giving people a glimpse of what to expect.

The update is likely to be available on Nokia E7, Nokia N8 and C7 or C6-01. Some performance improvements for the browser, along with some user interface changes, and a portrait-mode on-screen Qwerty keyboard are expected to be part of this update.

Perhaps Nokia will show new Symbian handsets along with a new UI that could possibly run alongside their Windows Phone 7 offerings.

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