Nokia W7 and W8 are the first Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices

Nokia W7 and W8 are the first Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices

Nokia W7 and W8 . These are the names with which the Finnish differentiate the two first models to feature Microsoft software, Windows Phone 7 . Information flowing through Eldar Murtazin . The Russian, as it always is aware of everything happening around the company within Nordic has even allowed the luxury of providing some details about the design and components of these two smartphone.

Some days ago we were stuck with regard to current around the cooperation of Nokia to Microsoft , which can be reduced to the first Nokia devices with Windows Phone 7 come from 2012 . But thanks to Eldar Murtazin , the great revealer of secrets of the Finns had returned to their old ways, exposing the names of the first Nokia devices with WP7 .

If the agreement between Microsoft and Nokia grabbed our attention for much of the week in which it occurred, the output of the first terminals fruit of this marriage and all aspects before and after, is welcome. But since these two powers were put to work with the project, little or no information has reached our ears. However, there is Eldar Murtazin that refreshes the memory and in turn provides information of great importance to provide what can be considered as the first strokes of the picture.

W7 should be a smartphone built on the old X7 , equipped with Qualcomm processor, a camera with 8 megapixel , autofocus and flash. The W8 should instead be a variant of the recent N8 , so with camera 12- megapixel , autofocus and flash. But as it is not official information when it is impossible to know more, the certainty is that the first Windows smartphone Nokia Phone 7 certificates should only go out next year .

Nokia and Microsoft have not spoken at the time the rumors were not confirmed if these allegations are W7 and W8 for the first Windows phone system instead of Symbian for retirement within the next couple of years. Probably in a few weeks he will know something more.

Some details: Name, design and some technical data. That is valuable information that the Russian Mobile review offers the world. Apparently, the first devices that focus on Nokia and Microsoft are already in an advanced state of development and we know their names. The first of these will be called Nokia W7 . A name that is not hard to guess their origin and apparently, would have a body similar to the smartphone presented these days, Nokia X7 , but yes, would have an 8-megapixel digital camera, flash and autofocus . According Murtazin said, the model itself reminds the HTC Mozart , your operating system lacks some customization and serve as a test platform for post to become the first Nokia Phone with Windows 7 debut in the market.

The second model, the Nokia W8 , would become the N8 Nokia Phone with Windows 7. Thus, we would see a very even design and of course, would set the camera ‘s digital 12 megapixel, Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics that gave such a good reputation the model equipped with Symbian 3.

In addition to the optical assembly and design, we know that all models include Qualcomm processors origin. But if these two terminals will be the first to debut, and therefore take a great deal of prominence, not least is the fact that Nokia intends to release to the market a total of up to 12 models with Windows Phone 7 in 2012 .

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