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Notion Ink Adam, Eden UI Gingerbread update coming

Notion Ink Adam, Eden UI Gingerbread update coming

Notion Ink has announced a major update for the Eden software that runs on the company’s Adam tablet. It will also come with some other new items like the book program that has been mentioned for awhile now, a new kernel and flash preinstalled among other things.

The update will bring a lot of changes to the tablet’s software which has received mixed reactions from its users, with a large number of people choosing to disable the Eden UI and run the tablet on stock Android 2.2 instead.

The update also includes a new web browser, a new eBook app, a new music and video player, and other improvements including a new system for switching between running applications. Adobe Flash Player will also come preinstalled.

The new Major update to Eden will have:

  • the new e-book client
  • a new Browser (the name of the book client and browser will be released in a separate blog next week)
  • updated Kernel
  • optimally over-clocked Tegra
  • Gingerbread 2.3
  • lots of Usability Issues resolved
  • new multi-tasking environment (easier way to manage all tabs and applications)
  • Chords Music Library and Player (Simple and straight Music Player)
  • Video Library and Player
  • DSP support, so now equalizer will work in better way. Soon we are adding more bass boost in the speakers as well (not a part of this update).
  • Flash pre-installed
  • and more!

The browser is additional one from the default one which come in Eden, but is the one you all have been using. The movement to gingerbread is done to get all apps and kernel closed to Honeycomb. The final issue which still needs to be resolved in supporting Honeycomb is converting the ROM OS to eMMC OS.

What was also missing was the right music and video player. This update will go out with the music player (which will soon have the equalizer). It’s a simple music player with support of all the normal stuff expected (playlist management, etc). Also coming this time is the Video Player, built on Mentor Graphic’s Inflexion technology. The UI is very fluid and handles a very large number of database very easily.

Overall it sounds like a pretty big update which could make the Eden UI a lot easier to use. The reason Notion Ink is updating the OS to Android 2.3 instead of Android 3.0 is because Google has only made the source code for the tablet-friendly version of the operating system available to a few partners, and Notion Ink isn’t one of the. But by using Android 2.3 code, the Adam tablet moves a little closer to Honeycomb, while continuing to run Notion Ink’s tablet-friendly software.

No word on when the update will hit, but we’ll keep you posted.

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