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Opel Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition is now on Order for a Price of 27.650 euros

Opel Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition is now on Order for a Price of  27.650 euros

Opel has its new hatch on the way, though there are 3 auto shows going on. dubbed Opel Corsa OPX Nurburgring  Edition was not unveiled there. The limited OPC ‘Nürburgring Edition’ is based on the recently upgraded Corsa model line and, with just around 500 units planned, it will offer a rare blend of raw power, performance and passion.

The new model has got a modified engine management and turbocharger systeem that delivers additiobnaql power, a sports exhaust with reduced back pressure, and optimization for 100 octane fuel. as a result, the maximum output of the 1.6-liter OPC turbo engine is raised from 141 kW/192 hp to 154 kW/210 hp, giving a specific power rating of 131.4 hp per liter which is exceptional in this engine class. The maximum torque of the base engine (230-266 Nm) is also increased to 250 Nm and 280 Nm when the turbocharger’s ‘overboost’ function is activated. This small sports hatch completes the transition from 80 to 120 km/h in 5th gear in just 6.2 seconds.

On the outside, they’ve mounted new 18-inch alloys on 35-series low-profile rubber and a new front spoiler, dual-tipped stainless-steel exhaust and the requisite special badges.

Thye new Model will be available in 2 flavors of colors – apple-green ‘Grasshopper’ and red ‘Henna’ – as well as newly designed 8 x 18-inch, forged aluminum wheels in high-gloss grey, shod with the 225/35 R 18 V tires.

According to Opel, The Opel Corsa ‘Nürburgring Edition’ can now be ordered at a recommended retail price of 27.650 euros (incl. VAT in Germany).

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