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Playbox UK announced ‘Bang Bang Racing’ game for Android device with Tegra

Playbox UK announced Bang Bang Racing game for Andoid device with Tegra support

British developers Playbox has announced that it was expanding into the Android platform, with a twist: the Bang Band Racing game will NVIDIA’s Tegra chip need to execute. The game was originally made for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and Playbox says it is the game optimized for Tegra. For example, it uses NVIDIA’s PhysX technology, a physics engine, which is known for its PC hardware physics acceleration.

The game is not available for download, but the 1280 × 800 screen shots look very nice. We can not wait to see how fast the framerate is. There is no official release date other than “soon”, but you must keep an eye on Tegra Zone, a free app from NVIDIA, because it probably means “any day now.”

Developers have complained about Android fragmentation as of late. One could say that the PC is too fragmented, smartphones and tablets have special share of problems. Example, different chips support different types of texture compression, which means that you have many sets, more storage, which is not ideal for downloads.

By only supporting Nvida Tegra’s Playbox can get off to an easier start and at the same time use the special effects that may or may not work on competing hardware. Of course, NVIDIA’s marketing support contribute significantly to the Bang Bang Racing launch. It is likely that Playbox will be a version that will run on non-Tegra hardware at some point release, but in the meantime, Tegra 2 is the only option.

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