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PocketBook IQ 701 7-inch Android eReader Specs and Review

PocketBook IQ 701 7-inch Android eReader Specs and ReviewPocketBook, a company known mostly by classical electronic readers with E-Ink Vizplex technology-based screens. However, in the wake of general interest to the Tablet PC, it decided to depart from the traditional concept of a device and released their first full-fledged “pill» – PocketBook IQ 701.

This eReader has a lot of features: it can display the book (supports Docx, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, PDF, DJVU and many others), play music and play video files. And since PocketBook IQ 701 is based on platform Android, then with its help, you can spend time on the Internet or for games. Also, the system built multi-lingual dictionaries and many other applications. It’s been so long since the global announcement of this device, and now PocketBook IQ 701 can be purchased for about 8,000 rubles.

Appearance gadget impression. He assembled a fairly high quality, the body is made of soft-touch matte plastic. Direct manufacturer PocketBook IQ 701 performs the Taiwanese company Foxconn, which is the world’s largest contract assembler of electronics and manufacturing, for example, iPhone and iPad for Apple. By the way, conceptually PocketBook IQ 701 is quite close to the iPad: Both products are tablets with a TFT-screen and differ with the presence of a fairly user-friendly application for reading electronic books.

But back to the body PocketBook IQ 701. The plastic is strong enough susceptible zalyapyvaniyu fingers and quickly becomes dirty from the thick oily divorce, creating a sense of durable device immediately after purchase. PocketBook IQ 701 is available in packages of three colors: blue, white and red.

The most important component of any tablet – it’s the display. In this the test he made on resistive technology with 7-inch TFT-matrix (its resolution – typically “ridernoe”, 600 by 800 pixels) that can handle the press, made by any object, whether it’s a stylus, finger or even a simple pencil. But “thanks” is set in the device resistive screen is completely ruled out the possibility of implementing an interface multitouch and provides much lower precision compared with capacitive screens. A low autonomy (up to 8 hours to display text – vs. weeks, readers with screens E-Ink) and a negative effect on the eyes during long work with the device model is added disadvantages. Thus, the display – it is the “weak” component of the device. But do not forget that PocketBook IQ 701 – is primarily a Tablet PC, and then to “reader”. Edakii “planshetorider.

As to “railroad” component, PocketBook IQ 701 is at the level of cheap plates of other brands. Judge for yourself: Samsung processor with 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, built-in memory to 2 GB (although most of it is occupied by system files), expandable memory cards such as MicroSD up to 32 GB, support for MP3, battery capacity 1600 mAh, support for wireless networking Wi-Fi, stereo speakers. It is quite normal range.

As far as softovoy component, as already indicated, is an operating system Android 2.0. And it has its own special envelope from the company PocketBook. The new interface well optimized for touch and work with e-books – quick access to eight applications, and tape the actual proposals from the online bookstore Proprietary shell replaces the standard desktop operating system and is automatically loaded immediately after turning on the device. But available to the user and the basic functions of Android – a web browser, email client, etc. However, in PocketBook IQ 701 does not provide access to a catalog of applications Android Market, so that games and applications will have to search the Internet yourself.

Standard equipment PocketBook IQ 701 includes brief instructions on use, warranty card, charger and protective case. It is impossible not to mention the fact that the cable is not bundled mini-USB.

Total quality have produced a device with quite convenient software. Disadvantages PocketBook IQ 701 also has, however, the merits of the model is still more. It is worth the gadget is quite sane money.

Now you can purchase this PocketBook 701 IQ eReader from Amazon here.

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