R Battery Concept to prevent battery power waste

Wang Shuo of Yanko Design came up with quite an interesting concept R Battery, which is on the assertions of the author can resurrect old and almost broken batteries. The principle of operation is very simple.

R Battery is a large battery with a D-type, which inside has three compartments for the old AA batteries and AAA. Simply put the old battery inside, close the lid and we have a fully functional batteries that are powered by the almost kiss off the old battery. R Battery has three slots to hold AA and AAA batteries that are past their prime and into the graveyard. Near-dead batteries do have some charge in them and the good ole’ R here uses their juice to spike up as one big cell.

No idea on what you’re going to plug this into, but at least it helps you squeeze out every last iota of power from your batteries, which is better than nothing at all. Now, if only a hardware manufacturer is willing to take up the cause and release it with a pocket-friendly price.