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Range Rover Evoque price revealed

Range Rover Evoque - First Look

The new Range Rover Evoque hopes that the 90 percent of its buyers are the brand new Land Rover customers. Even serve to make the younger average age of buyers of the British firm. This will rely on a body-double duality three doors or coupe , as it is referred, and a more “normal” five-door.

All this is combined into this baby Range Rover with all-wheel drive provided by the novelty of the front wheel drive for the less affluent or without concerns offroad -75 kilos of weight difference. There will be three engines and their many other finishes – modern, luxury and sport, answering respectively to the names “pure”, “prestige” and “dynamic.” Chapter mechanical three options, two diesels with 150 and 190 hp , this engine also mounted from the Jaguar XF-summer and a gasoline soars to 240 hp . Obsession with weight reduction and increased efficiency to announce a Diesel under 130 g / km. In terms of mechanical options, rivals BMW and Audi offer more, especially the latter. We can find an Audi Q3 with 180, 211 and 270 hp in the petrol and 143, 170 and 240 hp Diesel talking. In the case of BMW, two possibilities for gasoline in the X3 with 258 and 306 and 258 hp and 184 hp in the Diesel-the latter should arrive this quarter.

Large multifunctional display inside the Evoque chair with dual viewing option of two settings at once and voice control of what you want both a stereo at up to 825 W with 17 speakers , programmable cooling hours and days possibility of five shades of interior lighting … Is it too little? 380,000 potential interior configurations result of combining materials and colors, seeing what surrounds us with five cameras, automatic parking, adaptive headlights … almost nothing.

Claims to be the first SUV to mount an optional suspension system to benefit from the third generation of magnetic dampers MagneRide -particles react instantaneously to the requirements of the suspension, long before a normal shock and in this case providing sportiness without losing comfort, “also has been widely used in soundproofing. Mounted mandatory Terrain Response system that automatically searches for optimal performance in any situation and surface. Also benefits from electric assist in their direction, control system declines, start & stop in variants Diesel … All I knew dynamically in the top models of Land Rover but the smallest size ever in the British brand.

Land Rover says the new Range Rover Evoque will be priced from $45,375 to $71,925 when it goes on sale in the U.K. in September. U.S. prices also are expected to start this fall from around $45,000.

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