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RedEye Pro Home Automation Processor introduced by ThinkFlood

RedEye Pro Home Automation Processor introduced by ThinkFlood

ThinkFlood, developer of RedEye control systems, today announced two additions to its platform of home solutions.

ThinkFlood representatives said that the company has been engaged in the development of RedEye Pro, a home automation network processor capable of controlling the whole house. The company has also released an update to its original universal remote control RedEye.

RedEye Pro Presentation

RedEye Pro allows iPhones, and PCs iPads work as drivers in a variety of home automation. RedEye Pro works in “whole house” and can control multiple rooms with a single unit.

Designed with the collaboration of some of the leading professional custom installation industry at home, RedEye Pro offers numerous customization tools for installers.

RedEye Pro comes equipped with:

All this new connectivity allows customers RedEye Pro interact with a wide variety of equipment such as lighting systems, garage doors, security systems, air conditioning and others. As with its existing products, RedEye Pro facilitates the control of these systems with a single button on the iPhone, iPad or PC.

Home automation is now affordable

For decades there have been sophisticated home automation solutions, but recent advances in mobile technology and networks allow RedEye Pro provides such benefits to a wider market. A new wave of touch screen phones, including Apple iPad, it can replace dedicated drivers that used to cost thousands of dollars. In addition, Internet-based technologies and other advances in software make the customization of these systems more simple and cost effective.

However, the integration of these different systems still requires specialized knowledge, therefore, RedEye Pro is available exclusively through authorized distributors and installers.

“The integration of business is a tricky business dominated by large software companies like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and IBM, which in turn have the support of thousands of boutique consulting firms,” said Craig Materick, chief software architect of ThinkFlood . “We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what can be integration into the residential market. Over time we hope to popularize these systems, but this is a nascent industry.”

RedEye Pro is available exclusively through authorized distributors and installers. Visit for more information.

RedEye Pro now renovated original

ThinkFlood has also updated its award-winning original RedEye Pro remote control in response to customer feedback. Gen2 unit has a sleek black box, but the real improvement is the addition of an output port, infrared, giving them more flexibility to lay their components in cabinets or shelves.

“When we launched our beta program in the summer of 2009, we emerged from stealth mode with a product that we designed and developed internally,” says Matt Eagar, president and co-founder of ThinkFlood. “Since then we have made numerous software updates RedEye in response to customer feedback. We are very grateful for the assistance we have received to date and are delighted to offer this update in response.”

RedEye gen2 debuts today for $199.

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