Samsung Fascinate Smartphone for Verizon to get Android 2.2 Froyo Update tomorrow; Brings many improvements

Verizon confirmed that Samsung Fascinate Android Smartphone will be getting Android 2.2 Froyo tomorrow, though not Gingerbread the update should bring many features to the device and a upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is also possible in the future. We would expect that the update will start shooting out over the air tomorrow in certain areas of the country, but if you just can’t wait, there’s always a manual download.

When the update is set to download the Smartphone will prompt you to accept the Android Update, and if you are not patient to get knocked by Update the follow the steps to get your Smartphone updated. You can also use these steps whenever you’d like to check and see if there’s an update on any ol’ odd day of the year.

1. From the main menu tap Menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select About phone
4. Select System updates
5. Select Check New

Once the screen pops up that says you’ve got a download available, press OK. Once your download has completed, select OK to install it. Once your software is installed, press OK again. that’s all. if the update knocks you, just do the same steps but press OK at once.

The Update will bring you the following benefits:

Web Browsing and Data Access
+ Device now supports Adobe® Flash® 10.1.
+  Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of webpages
that include JavaScript.
+ Search the web via Bing Voice Search without interruption.
Email and Messaging
+ Move messages between folders in the Exchange email client with ease.
+  Easily delete all messages in your sent and trash folders within your Exchange
email account without being prompted to close the application.
+  When using the Swype® feature, sentences are now displayed with the
proper use of upper and lower case letters.
Call Features
+ “Dialed Calls” correctly displays within the dialer application.
+  When connected to a Bluetooth® device, pressing the speaker button will
properly activate the speakerphone.
+  Turning on the backlight when the phone is mounted in the car dock will no longer
automatically activate the speakerphone.
+  Improvements to the Voice Commands application allows you to accurately search
contacts by name and number, even when the Contact List contains duplicates.
Additional Device Features
+ Color and text scheme in the Calendar has been improved for better readability.
+ “Feeds and Updates” widget improvements for auto-refresh feature.
+ V CAST Apps is now preloaded.
+ Samsung Media hub is now preloaded.
+ Ability to allow automatic app updates in Android Market.