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Samsung SPH-M380 hits FCC; first Phone to be CDMA in Sprint’s iDEN bands

Samsung SPH-M380 hits FCC; first Phone to be CDMA in Sprint's iDEN bands

A new Smartphone from Samsung named Samsung SPH-M380 has hit the FCC, it seems that the phone will be coming out of the box with a CDMA approval in the ESMR frequency band. The very same FCC filing also points toward CDMA support in Sprint’s 1900MHz PCS band, making the M380 as the first CDMA handset that will play nice on both Sprint’s 800MHz and 1900MHz spectrum.

This means that times when your Sprint-branded device will have a whole new range of frequencies for your CDMA voice/data needs are closer than ever, just as expected after the Now network announced its decision to phase out the iDEN technology inherited by Nextel.

Additional hardware specifications of the Samsung SPH-M380 include Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen display, a microSD memory card slot and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The FCC approval hints at a nearer launch date.

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