SARbot Water Rescue Robot Helps Rescue Drowning Victims

SARbot Water Rescue Robot Helps Rescue Drowning Victims

If a person falls overboard and drowns, the activity of the heart and brain of the victim stops just minutes after it fell into the water. But if we manage to rescue the person within 90 minutes, it is often possible to revive her!

It takes no more than three minutes to a team of rescuers prepared for the robot. With his camera and sonar SARbot located the body in the murky waters less than 9 meters! With his mechanical arms, the robot grasps the person gently. Its powerful propellers allow it to move even when the current is very strong.

Winsbury explained his vision to Jesse Rodocker, the co-founder of Seattle robot-maker SeaBotix, and the duo made SARbot, upgrading a shoebox-size remotely operated sub typically used to salvage shipwrecks. The robot transmits sonar and video data to land via a cable. Rescuers then can use its arm to latch onto a victim and haul both him and the ’bot in like a lobster trap.

As of yet the machine’s searches have come up empty, but the bot has kept the camera rolling during it’s underwater adventures.

SARbot is simple enough that trained rescuers can get it in the water in four minutes. In tests last year, it found practice dummies less than five minutes after hitting the water. “Only a few fire departments carried the jaws of life when it debuted,” Rodocker says. “Now they’re on nearly every truck. SARbot could have a similar impact.”

Check out SARbot Water Rescue ROV BBC Lunchtime News video,

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