Shanzhai Adidas Shoe Phone from China

The latest Chinese Shanzai creation shows that even imitators have creativity too. Shanzhai and Adidas have joined together to release the Adidas Shoe Phone.The phone looks like a sport shoe from the front side and the back is also made to look like the sole of a shoe. When you flip it over, this phone even has a rubber sole on the back.

The Phone Features:

* Dual SIM card slots and
* FM radio
* Micro-SD card slot
* Mini-USB port
* Up to 4 hours of standby time
* 3 hours of talking time
* 2.4 inch screen (240 X 320)
* Camera (1.3 megapixel)
* Removable battery.
* GSM, and runs “MTK platform” (supports English and Chinese simplified language UI)
* Supports MP3 files for music
* 3GP
* MP4 and AVI for videos.

This phone probably won’t ever reach our shores, but it might end up on the gray market one day.