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Sony Honeycomb Tablet to release in US Market in this Summer; CEO confirms to be working on Tablet

Sony Honeycomb Tablet to hit US Market in this Summer; CEO confirms to be working on Tablet

There was rumor that Sony was working on PlayStation Certified Tablet early, now it’s no more just a rumor but almost confirmed. Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer himself confirmed that company will launch a Honeycomb-powered tablet computer by the end of this summer. Exciting news is that Sony’s new Tablet will be released in US Market first instead of debuting in Japanese market.

The Tablet is yet to be confirmed whether it’s a PlayStation-certified Tablet or not. The news of Sir Howard Stringer’s announcement comes from a recent report by the Japanese media giant Nikkei quoted by Bloomberg.

According to early rumor Sony was prepping a PlayStation-Certified Tablet with a 9.4-inch display, Tegra 2 processor and a distinctive curved “wrap” chassis. Gaming, ereader, computing and media streaming is all expected to be included.

Anyway since CEO confirmed the Tablet, more on this device will be coming out soon as leak or official announcement on the device, we just have to wait until then.

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