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Sony to release VAIO Series Freestyle Hybrid PC?

Sony to release VIAO Series Freestyle Hybrid PC?

Sony seems to be prepping to release another sleek device apart from S1 and S2 unveiled previous day, and the pCs were displayed via the slider while unveiling the S1 and S2 but most people could miss it while the attention is on the new S1 and S2 tablets.

Details about this new Freestyle Hybrid PC are very less but it seems to be on its VAIO series and a slider PC with 9.4″inch display, Intel Pine Trail Atom Processor and Widows 7 for the Operating System. According to reports the new Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC is expected to fall in the market this fall for about a price of $799.

We are looking forward to more details, so stay tuned and now drop your comment below about the PC you see in the Image above.

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