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Toshiba’s new 7-inch LTPS TFT LCD with In-Cell Touch Panel Technology to be shown up at SID 2011

Toshiba's new 7-inch LTPS TFT LCD with In-Cell Touch Panel Technology to be shown up at SID 2011

Toshiba has announceda new 7 inch display with 1,024 ( x RGB) x 600 resolution  that is low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD specially developed for vehicles and industrial uses. The new Display is capable of multi-touch function without a need additional touch panel.

The new Display is thin Compared to conventional LCDs with an external touch panel, the thickness is reduced by thickness is reduced by 57 percent to approximately 1 millimeter, the weight is reduced by 48 percent to 225 grams and the surface reflection ratio is reduced by 10 percent. Toshibal claims that smaller size of the display enables more compact products for mobile applications, reduces the impact on the environment by saving resources and power, provides crisp and clear images with minimal reflection of natural light even in a bright environment, and features intuitive multi-touch input.

For a quick response for the light touch on the display Toshiba has developed a proprietary sensor circuit, taking advantage of LTPS TFT technology. Specifically, an amplifier circuit is formed in the pixels to amplify the signals, which are then detected by the sensor for output, providing a configuration to precisely transmit sensor signals to the outside of LCD panel. This helps achieve consistent and fast-responding touch panel operation.

According to Toshiba the new Display will be shown up at at SID 2011 Event that taking place May 17 to May 19, 2011 in Los Angeles.

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