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Touchpad Design Tablet: Multi-touch Tablet for PC

Touchpad Design Tablet - Multi-touch Tablet for PC

Trust has released Touchpad Tablet Design, a multi-touch tablet, the price finally up. Allows you to browse Web pages or photos, click to select an object, or zooming in and out through simple gestures dit a. “With this feature, therefore, Touchpad Tablet Design can even be used instead of the mouse. Also, because its format is compact, you can always carry with them into your notebook bag,” said the official statement.

The device obviously designed to be used to its best potential with graphics programs. ” The pen with three buttons, pressure sensitive and ergonomic design, it ensures the greatest precision in features and allows you to convert your handwriting into digital text, “the document continues. “The Touchpad Tablet Design, suitable for right or left handed users, has four additional programmable keys via which you can get directly at your fingertips the most frequently used functions.

Design Touchpad Tablet is compatible with operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP, the connection to the PC through the USB port. The list price is €69.99.

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