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Trackmania 2 release date soon! first screenshot images out now

Trackmania 2 release date soon first screenshot image out now

Many months after its official announcement and development being longer than initially expected, Nadeo has encouraged to give further details of TrackMania 2.

It does not get us much more about the content of the title, but at least it confirms that sports cars and the environment Canyon will be back. A little more patience before developers really does unleash the horses.

Florent Castelnérac, CEO of the French study, said that the game will be at E3 and that shortly after debuting a beta, but have not wanted to set a date yet. He noted that the idea of the study was to have the beta ready by the end of last year, but decided to implement a number of improvements that I wanted to do, so that delayed its release.

Representatives of the company still do not specify when will the playable beta product that supposedly had originally planned to begin in late 2010, although this screen can be optimistic about the proximity of it.

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