TuneIn Internet Radio Mobile App Update brings FM Tuner to its Windows Phone 7 devices

TuneIn Internet Radio Mobile App Update brings FM Tuner to its Windows Phone 7 devices

TuneIn, the Internet radio portal and developer of Internet radio apps formerly called RadioTime, says it has developed an app for interfacing with the FM tuner in a cell phone, smartphone or MP3 player. Now the service has updated its Windows Phone 7 app to include FM tuning, which means you can use the TuneIn app to listen to local terrestrial radio as well as streaming Internet radio from anywhere in the world.

The TuneIn Radio app for Windows Phone allows the user to choose to use the device’s FM tuner when the terrestrial radio signal is stronger or blocked by broadcaster restriction. The FM tuner permits Windows Phone users to listen to any local FM station, not just those with compatible Internet streams. The software streams Internet radio from more than 50,000 AM and FM radio stations over Wi-Fi or a mobile broadband connection. One key difference in the Windows Phone 7 version is that the application integrates with the handset’s internal FM radio to save battery life or listen to local radio programs that could be blocked on the web.

TuneIn founder and CEO Bill Moore said half of all TuneIn listening is to a local station. “The Internet connection still delivers live song information, games and programs, Twitter feeds, recommendations for other stations and programs, on-demand programs and global radio content.”

Integrated FM Tuners allow Windows Phone users to connect with local content at lower consumer cost, both in data charges and device use. TuneIn Radio features a directory of more than 50,000 AM/FM and Internet-only radio stations and podcasts airing in 140 countries.

Aside from the new hybrid listening feature specific to Microsoft smartphones, TuneIn offers several key features for all platforms. Search for an artist or song, for example, and the software returns all of the stations currently playing either. A handset’s GPS will find local stations — useful while traveling. Podcasts too are supported by the app, so you can carry around and listen to your favorite mobile technology show.

The update only supports Windows Phone 7 devices for the moment, and phone has to have an FM tuner in order for the feature to work. The updated version of the TuneIn app for Windows Phone 7 devices is up and available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’ll be a while before Android or iPhone users get the same feature – mostly because one of the minimum hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 is an FM tuner. This guarantees that every Windows Phone 7 device has one, and in turn gives app developers incentive to add FM tuning features to their music apps.

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