Ubuntu 11.04 Operating System to be released on April 28

Ubuntu 11.04 Operating System to be released on April 28

Latest version 11.04 of Ubuntu is finally scheduled to be released on April 28th and will be available to download for free. the new version is coming with a simpler functionality and easy to use and won’t make much problem for newbies who are thinking of moving to Ubuntu and the design of the OS has been more beautiful than its predecessor.

At all the way the Ubuntu is a better alternative which is even free, but it has to be seen that how this new version makes impacts on the world leader of Operating System Microsoft in the computer world. It has taken the better part of the last two years in terms of design and engineering by Canonical and the Ubuntu community to roll out everything found inside Ubuntu 11.04.

Users who install Ubuntu 11.04 will find a clean workspace with a launcher on the left-hand side of the screen. The same interface is used whether on a netbook, notebook or desktop PC. The launcher is configurable, allowing the user to choose which applications they want in a single click, while adding and removing applications is a snap.

There are numerous other enhancements that users will enjoy. A “global menu” for most pre-installed apps means the menus for all applications will be in the same place at the top of the screen. Menus are shown only when needed, which means a less cluttered, cleaner experience. Users can switch between multiple screens easily, further reducing clutter on any workspace.

The Modern Graphics technology will surely provide a rich experience on its interface for the PC and the Ubuntu 11.04 is inspired by Smartphone and Tablet design. Older PCs will see Ubuntu determining if their graphics card supports Unity automatically, and will deliver instead a “classic” experience when the machine is not beefy enough. Users can also choose the classic desktop experience for familiarity or consistency or where there are large desktop deployments and not all can move to Unity immediately.

Anyway, if you are an Ubuntu user, share your experience with us and comment on the new Ubuntu changes.

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