White iPhone 4 hits Three UK order page

White iPhone 4 hits Three UK order page

The white iPhone 4 has become something of the thorny unicorn in Apple’s side, but it seems the long wait may finally be over. ThreeUK has just thrown up a hidden deal on their online store for the elusive white iPhone 4.

According to the product page, the first white iPhone 4 handsets will ship from April 20, or this coming Wednesday. We’re not saying this is confirmation of a Wednesday launch for the white iPhone, but unless this is just an error on ThreeUK’s part, we think it might be. The white iPhone 4 is rumored to officially launch by the end of April.

The white iPhone 4 is currently only available on the 24 month The One Plan for £35 a month it seems – this gives you 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and Three’s trademark all-you-can-eat unlimited data. Three is even bunging in a bumper case as well, lest Antennagate rears its ugly head again.

This offer also only appears to be valid only until the 30th of April, the end of the month, so it’s not a long term thing. According to the page, this particular white iPhone 4 deal is available only until the end of the month, and Three’s online support staff confirm that it’s authentic and not a mistake. Other rumors have suggested that Apple intends to launch the white iPhone 4 generally on April 26 2011.

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