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Windows Phone Mango Update to be released as Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone Mango Update to be branded as Windows Phone 7.5

Recently Microsoft previewed some of the features that Windows Phone Mango Update brings, and now it seems that Microsoft is changing the Update name to something new. According to reportsthe new Mango Update will be known as Windows Phone 7.5.

The Mango aka Windows Phone 7.5 will bring many advanced features to Windows Phone including Multitasking, IE9 Mobile and Twitter and more. Release date of the new OS hasn’t been confirmed yet but according to Microsoft new OS is due later this year.

Nokia is expected to use this new version of the Windows Phone OS with their anticipated Smartphones such a Nokia W7 and W8. If the release of this new OS is delayed, then Nokia’s fans may want to wait a little more to get their first Hands-on with Nokia’s WP7 Smartphone.

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