Ziiiro Aurora And Orbit Wristwatches tell time colorfully; now available for pre-order

Yes, the watchmaker Ziiiro decided to continue to give us dizzy with hits literally revolutionary. Now ZIIIRO has come up with yet another way to represent time in a circle, as in the tried-and-true analog clock design, with their second pair of watches, the “Aurora” and the “Orbit”.

On the Aurora, the hour indicator uses a blue gradient, from 100% to 0% while the minute indicator uses a yellow gradient. The overlapping layers create a color mix that changes throughout the day. Unlike some of the more complex modern watches you can get from Tokyoflash, Ziiiro’s watch will allow you to intuitively learn a new way of telling time, just by looking at the resulting color mix.

The Orbit is inspired by space and solar system. We want to build ZIIIRO as the ‘Solar system of time’ and therefore the hour and minute orbits around the parent star ZIIIRO. Colored orb represents the Hour and white orb shows the minute on Orbit. And most importantly, all these models are interchangeable with each other! All the watches in the rubber bracelet series: Gravity, Aurora and Orbit.

In particular, the “Aurora”, which represents chronos as chroma—i.e. time as a color gradient—is an interesting way to express the cyclic nature of temporality.

You can pre-order these watches online for $184 USD from Amazon Here.